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Michele's Beauty Room

Perfection at Your Fingertips

Semi Permanent Lashes

Who can resist the flutter?

Semi permanent lashes are the must have make up accessory to complete that 'wow' factor to any look!

Lasting up to 10 days (or even longer)*, these amazing individual flare lashes are applied onto clients natural lashes instantly giving length and fullness, transforming even the smallest eyes into something amazing! 

Taking only 10 minutes to apply and costing just £15 be warned - they're so addictive that you'll find it hard to live without them (I did - there's not a day gone by in the last 15 years I haven't worn them - even my husband has never seen me without them!). 

I also offer the individual permanent lashes (hair on hair), but every client I have who tried them, went back to the flares as they gave a fuller look, still natural and long lasting, quicker to apply and cheaper!

* Life of the lashes is dependant on aftercare. Client should keep anything oily away from lashes as this will weaken and dissolve the adhesive. Mascara should also be avoided as this too will weaken the glue therefore shortening the life. Rubbing eyes can of course remove lashes prematurely and it goes without saying 'picking' them off will not only remove them, but will pull out natural lashes. Lashes should be removed properly and can be easily done by client - this will be explained at end of treatment.